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PPN Network Hospitals

S.No. Title Downloads
1 Ahmedabad - PPN Hospitals List
2 Chandigarh - PPN Hospitals List
3 Chennai - PPN Hospitals List
4 Delhi - PPN Hospitals List
5 Hyderabad - PPN Hospitals List
6 Mumbai - PPN Hospitals List
7 Indore-PPN Hospitals list
8 Coimbatore-PPN Hospital List
9 Kolkata-PPN Hospital List
10 Bangalore - PPN Hospital List
11 Jaipur - PPN Hospitals List
12 Pune - PPN Hospitals List
S.No. Title Details
1 M/s Medi Assist Insurance TPA Pvt. Ltd
2 M/s Vidal Health Insurance TPA Pvt Ltd
3 M/s Medsave Health Insurance TPA Ltd
4 M/s Alankit Insurance TPA Ltd
5 M/s MDIndia Health Insurance TPA Pvt Ltd
6 M/s Good Health Insurance TPA Ltd
7 M/s Health India Insurance TPA Services Pvt.Ltd.
8 M/s Raksha Health Insurance TPA Pvt. Ltd
9 M/s East West Assist Insurance TPA Pvt. Ltd.
10 M/s Vipul Medcorp TPA Pvt. Ltd.
11 M/s Heritage Health Insurance TPA Pvt Ltd
12 M/s Genins India Insurance TPA Ltd
13 M/s Anmol Medicare Insurance TPA Ltd    
14 M/s Ericson Insurance TPA Pvt. Ltd.
15 M/s Health Insurance TPA of India Ltd
16 M/s Paramount Health Services & Insurance TPA Pvt Ltd
17 M/s Safeway Insurance TPA Pvt Ltd
18 M/s UnitedHealthcare Parekh Insurance TPA Pvt Ltd

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