What is Unisurge?

November, 2007 marked a significant in the history of United India. Our top leadership came together in Hyderabad to frame the vision of our company and determine the path that we should take in shaping our future. We resolve to transform our to be able to take the challenge posed by competition head on, and continue to be a leading player in general insurance industry Since then, our company has embarked upon an ambitious enterprise-level transformation project,UNISURGE Download Unisurge News Letters

What are the initiatives under Unisurge? 

Six themesInitiatives
Market - CorporateLCB: Provide differentiated service and organisational focus to large corporate & goverment accounts, with focused development effort in the West.
Market - IndividualUMEX Motor Dealer Officer: Capture greater share of motor through OEM/dealer

Health: Improve performance of health portfolio through hospital relationships;Improve TPA in the medium term.Also review product portfolio.

Motor: Develop competitive products and offer additional value-added services toincrease market share.
ChannelUMEX Agency: Re-energise agent channel through better development,supportand aligned incentives

UMEX Bancassurance: Drive higher premiums in Bancassurance channel through active management, leverage channel to target rural/microfinance.
Process and ITService Hubs: Improve speed and efficiency of underwriting and claims processes through consolidation

TPA Claim Hubs: Improve speed and effectiveness of investment process.
InvestmentsDrive higher returns by improving effectiveness of investment process.
HR and PMSEnhance organizational accountability and strength HR structure. Create incentive system and link to rigorous performance management system.