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Any person aged between 18 years and 65 years can take this insurance for himself and his/her family consisting of Self, Spouse, dependent children, Parents and Parents-in-law, either on Individual Sum Insured basis or on floater basis. Beyond 65 years, only renewals are allowed. 
Dependent children between the age of 1 day and 18 years shall be covered provided either or both parents are covered concurrently. Children above 18 years will continue to be covered along with parents till the age of 25 years. If the child is above 18 years of age and is financially independent, he or she shall be ineligible for coverage under the same policy in the subsequent renewals. However, a separate policy can be taken for him or her on expiry of the current policy for which continuity benefits will be provided.

Various options are available as under: 
Rs. 50000, 1 lac, 1.5 lacs, 2 lacs, 2.5 lacs, 3 lacs, 3.5 lacs, 4 lacs, 4.5 lacs, 5 Lacs.

3.5 Months, 6.5 Months, 9.5 Months


Health Policy:

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