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The policy does not cover liability in respect of death disablement or injury or any loss or damage caused by:-
  • War group of perils nuclear perils
  • Intentional self injury suicide insanity breach of law
  • Malicious or willful injury or neglect or overloading or strain unskilled treatment
  • Theft of accessories unless the cart itself is stolen
  • Theft clandestine sale of the insured animal
  • Wear and tear depreciation consequential loss and dismantling of cart for the purpose of repairs.
  • Any accident to the cart which is driven under the influence of drugs or drinks
  • Partial disability of any type whether permanent or temporary to animal
  • Compensation under more than one item of Section III of policy
  • In case of driver partial disability of any type other than the disability mentioned in Section III above.
  • Any liability by virtue of an agreement
  • (The details furnished above do not constitute the entire terms conditions and exceptions of the policy; for further details please contact our nearest office)

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