Pay through Mobile Interbank Mobile Payments Service (IMPS)

IMPS offers an extremely convenient facility to transfer funds 24x7 with instant confirmation by SMS for the debit in your account and credit in the beneficiary account. To avail this facility on your mobile, please perform these simple one-time activity:

a. Subscribe to the Mobile Banking service with your bank # and register for Interbank Mobile Payments Service (IMPS). Your bank will provide you with a MMID (Mobile Money Identifier) and MPIN (password for mobile transactions)

b. You will be required to install the Mobile Banking Application of your bank on your mobile

# Your bank should be a participant in the IMPS Merchant payments service.

For FAQs on the IMPS payments process, please visit

To renew your existing policy with United India

Go to Merchant Interbank Mobile Payment Service (IMPS) section on your Mobile Banking application and just input:

Merchant Mobile No: 8939815005
Merchant MMID: 9036001
Amount: *
Payment Reference: *

Please ensure to inform your policy issuing office after making the payment.

(* Please refer to the renewal notice)

To avail a new policy with United India

Visit our nearest office

Submit a filled in proposal form and indicate that you wish to remit premium through your mobile. Our office will provide you with a proposal reference number

Enter the proposal reference number in the Payment Reference field while remitting the premium

  • Disclaimer:
Payments to the Company may be made by transfer through Mobile / NEFT. It may be noted that a transfer by itself shall not create any obligation on the Company or constitute a contract unless we have issued a policy / endorsement accepting the risk.

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