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UIIC in DigiLocker

Two-Wheeler, Private Car, Commercial Vehicle, Standalone Compulsory PA, Individual Health and Family Medicare Policies issued by us are made available for the public via DigiLocker. You would be able to add your policies to your DigiLocker Account from now.

About DigiLocker:

DigiLocker ( is a cloud based platform for issuance and verification of documents & certificates digitally provided by National eGovernance Division, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY), under Digital India Initiative.

Below is the representation of how DigiLocker Works.

How to Access your policies in DigiLocker ?

We have now integrated ourselves with DigiLocker ( as an “Issuer” of Documents. We have made available all Two-Wheeler, Private Car, Commercial Vehicle, Standalone Compulsory PA (available under Insurance Policy- Personal Accident), Individual Health and Family Medicare Insurance policies ( both available under Insurance Policy - Health) via DigiLocker (both current and past policies). We are listed under “Banking and Insurance” section.

You can access the policies by providing 3 parameters after selecting the appropriate policy type. The required parameters are,

  1. Policy Number
  2. Policy Effective Date
  3. Customer ID

If any one of the above parameter is not matching with the details in our database, an error explaining the mismatch would be prompted and you would be asked to enter the correct details again.

If the entered details are correct, the policy document would be added to your DigiLocker account along with an URI assigned to the document. This URI can be used to share the document.

Detailed steps to access your policies:

Step 1: Select United India Insurance Co. Ltd. under the "Banking and Insurance" section.



Step 2: Select the relevant policy type from the option provided.



Step 3: Enter the Search parameters in the corresponding fields and select "Get Document" after checking the consent checkbox.



Step 4: Once the policy document is pulled from our repository, it will be automatically added under the "Issued Documents" in your DigiLocker account.


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