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Vigilance in UIICL

  • The basic objective of the Vigilance Department is to promote Integrity and Transparency in the entire functioning of UIICL including the areas of Procurement of Goods, Works and Services. UIICL vigilance department is with the mandate to fight corruption as an integral part and ensuring good governance in the organization.
  • The mission of the Vigilance department in UIICL is " Vigilance-an Enabler for Business and Corporate Excellence " with constant endeavour to promote improvement in systems, processes and practices by adopting an approach of preventive and participative vigilance and to fosters a forward-looking business functioning with robust system of governance that proactively put forward structural remedies to minimize the possibility of corrupt practices.
  • UIICL Vigilance Department’s prime objective is to protect the honest and to carry out focused investigations to give deterrence to the corrupt elements and to encourage honesty as a culture among employees at all levels.

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