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Office of Insurance Ombudsman is an alternate Grievance Redressal platform to resolve grievances of the aggrieved policy holders against Insurance Companies and its intermediaries or Insurance Brokers in a speedy and cost effective manner.

Insurance Ombudsman Website link :

For Consumer Grievance Redressal System(CGRS) available at United India Insurance Company Ltd. kindly refer the below documents.

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1 Consumer Grievance Redressal System (CGRS)

To post a complaint online or to track its status, please click the following link - Online Complaint

Know Your Customer Care Officer

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your Grievance is not resolved by your Customer Care Officer, you may escalate it to
Head Office.
Head Office Shri Sanjay Kumar Jha,
Chief Manager,
HO-UNI Customer Care,
Head Office
24, Whites Road
Phone: 044-28575343,
Email: customercare[at]uiic[dot]co[dot]in,
Customer care department performance 23-24
Total grievances received 8904, grievances disposed 8902 and disposal ratio is 99.97%.
The Grievance Redressal Week for the Fourth Quarter was organized from 18/03/2024 to 22/03/2024 with a tagline “A satisfied customer is our best Advertisement” in which 330 grievances were resolved in coordination with TPAs/ RO CCOs.
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We at United India, constantly strive to ensure that the grievances of our valued customers merit the top priority of our Customer Care Team. In keeping with this commitment a Grievance Redressal Week has been organized pan India from 19/06/2023 to 26/06/2023 and we present to you the following results: Opening balance of grievance as on 19/06/2023 - 430 Received during the week - 195 Reopened during the week - 2 Total disposed during the week - 408 Pending grievance as on 23/06/2023 - 219
Over the years, we have mastered the art of breaking our own records in achieving greater heights in Grievance Management. Born out of our relentless commitment towards this end, we are proud to post our phenomenal achievement as below: Opening balance of grievance as on 01/04/2022 - 34 Received during 2022-23- 7324 Reopened during 2022-23- 74 Total disposed during 2022-23 - 7423 Pending grievance as on 31/03/2023 - 9
Samaveshi Suraksha Health Insurance Policy
We have recently launched a new retail Health Insurance product Samaveshi Suraksha Health Insurance Policy. This policy is specially designed for Persons with Disability as per The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 and Individuals with HIV/AIDS as defined under the Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (Prevention and Control) Act, 2017. The underwriting of the product is centralized at the Health Hub Hyderabad. For further details kindly log on to
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For the Financial Year 2022-23 a total of 7423 grievances have been disposed off representing a " himalayan disposal ratio of 99.87%" . It is further stated that only 9 grievances were pending as at the closing hours of 31/03/2023.
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Modern Treatment Method & Advancement in Technologies
Claims involving Modern Treatment Method & Advancement in Technologies under Retail health Insurance will be settled to the extent of additional limits specified in the respective retail health insurance policy or the admissible cost of the conventional treatment whichever is higher subject to the other terms and conditions of the relevant policy.
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The following Bancassurance products have been withdrawn w.e.f 06/03/2023: 1. UB Arogyadaan 2. Maha Bank Swasthya Yojana 3. Indian Bank Arogya Raksha It may be noted that the renewal of existing policies is permitted within the notice period of ninety days i.e., till 4th June 2023 with existing terms, conditions and premium. For renewals falling due after 4th June 2023, the customers are provided with an option to migrate to any of our retail health products with an equal Sum Insured. Suitable credit of continuity benefits for all the previous policy years would be extended in the new policy, provided the policy has been maintained without a break
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Grievance Redressal achievements
In keeping with the reputation of United India’s unswerving commitment towards achieving excellence in Customer Service, it has been our constant endeavor to exceed the expectations of the Customers in Grievance Management. The statistics speak for themselves: • As on 31/12/2022 a total of 4557 grievances have been disposed off, with a disposal ratio of above 94%. • The average TAT period of 13 days has been achieved vis-à-vis 17 days during the previous period. • 100% acknowledgement of Grievances bas been maintained steadily over the years.





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