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For Consumer Grievance Redressal System(CGRS) available at United India Insurance Company Ltd. kindly refer the below documents.

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1 Consumer Grievance Redressal System (CGRS)

To post a complaint online or to track its status, please click the following link - Online Complaint

Know Your Customer Care Officer

Please enter the first 6 digits of Policy No or City of Policy Issuing Office

your Grievance is not resolved by your Customer Care Officer, you may escalate it to
Head Office.
Head Office Ms. Joice Gonsalves,
Chief Manager,
HO-UNI Customer Care,
Head Office
#19, Nungambakkam High Road, IV Lane
Phone: 044-28575261,
Email: customercare[at]uiic[dot]co[dot]in,

 Unclaimed refunds of policy holders for more than six months can be accessed by clicking the link. Click Here

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Modern Treatment Method & Advancement in Technologies
Claims involving Modern Treatment Method & Advancement in Technologies under Retail health Insurance will be settled to the extent of additional limits specified in the respective retail health insurance policy or the admissible cost of the conventional treatment whichever is higher subject to the other terms and conditions of the relevant policy.
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