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All claims shall be paid in Indian Rupees only.

Upon happening of any event, notice of Intimation of claim shall be submitted forthwith to the Company.

Claim form should be collected on intimation of claim. The completed claim form along with all required/relevant documents should be submitted to the Insurer within a calendar month after the event which may give rise to a claim under the policy.

For the purpose of any claim the Insured has to submit a Claim Form in the format required by the Company together with other documents as listed below:

a) Attested copy of F.I.R. / Panchnama

b) Newspaper cuttings (if applicable).

c) Photographs if any.

d) The original hospitalization / nursing home bills, discharge certificates, receipts, cash memos, prescriptions, X-rays, pathological reports.

e) A certificate from the attending physician stating the nature and extent of injury.

f) Any additional information and assistance as the Company may require.

g) Proof of employment showing employer-employee relationship, and attested copy of attendance register.

h) Salary Payment / Disbursement Register.

The Insured / Insured Person(s) shall allow any representative of the Company to examine the injured either at the residence or Hospital / Nursing Home at all reasonable times and should co-operate with the Company if any claim reduction measures are suggested.


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