Note : A brief snapshot about the policy is given.For complete information refer to policy wordings or visit our nearest branch office.

We Cover

The package cover offers protection against loss/damage to the building and its contents

  • Money in transit
  • Pedal Cycles
  • Plate Glass
  • Neon Sign & Glow sign
  • Baggage while on travel
  • Accidental injury causing death/disability

Who can be insured

Any small shopkeeper exposed to one or more of the above-named contingencies. He can choose benefits under four (minimum) or more sections. P.A Cover is offered for insured spouse and children (Age 12 - 70)

What is insured

  •     Building and contents Fire lightning Acts of God Riot Strike and malicious damage impact damage explosion of gas in domestic appliances overflow of water tanks. Burglary House breaking and Theft.
  •     Money in TransitLoss due to accident or misfortune
  •     Pedal CyclesFire lightning explosion Riot Strike and Malicious Damage
  •     Acts of God Burglary House breaking Theft external accident and also
  •     Legal liability with a limit of Rs.10 0
  •     Plate Glass (Fixed)Accidental breakage
  •     Neon sign/Glow signFire Accidental damage Riot Strike and Malicious Act and or theft.
  •     Baggage while in travelLoss due to accident or misfortune
  •     Personal AccidentAccidental injury causing death/disablement/loss of limb total/partial

Policy will pay as per below:

  • If injury directly/solely causes within 12 months of its occurrence
  • Actual extent of loss/damage to property under respective sections chosen;
  • Sum Insured is the limit of maximum liability under respective sections;
  • Limit of liability to third party for Personal injury/Property damage is upto Rs.10 0 Pedal Cycle section respectively.

Personal Accident Section

  • If injury directly/solely causes within 12 months of its occurrence
  • Death / loss of two limbs / eyes / Total permanent disablement : Full Sum Insured
  • Loss of a hand / foot / eye / use of hand / foot : 50% Sum Insured
  • Specified Percentage (%) of Sum Insured in other cases of permanent disablement [partial]
  • Weekly benefits (Rs.3000/- max.) upto 100 weeks payable for Temporary Total Disability.

The policy will not pay loss/damage due to:

  •     War and war like perils
  •     Wear and tear depreciation consequential loss
  •     Nuclear group of perils
  •     Gross and wilful negligence of Insured
  •     Violation of policy conditions
  •     Loss/damage/liability where Insured’s family or Insured’s employee are involved as principal/accessory
  •     Intentional act/self injury/ influence of drug/intoxicant.
  • Particulars of cover liability and exclusion given above are not complete or exhaustive :
  • Our nearest Branch Office branch may be approached for complete details.