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A Statement Of The Categories Of Documents That Are Held By It Or Under Its Control

A) Documents pertaining to Incorporation License etc.

1) Memorandum & Article of Association
2) Certificate of Incorporation
3) IRDA Licenses

B) Documents pertaining Accounts

1) Books of Accounts
2) Annual Reports
3) Accounts Manual
4) Documents pertaining to payment of Income Tax Tax Deducted at Sources etc.
5) Vouchers etc.

C) Documents pertaining to Company Affairs

1) Statutory Registers under the Companies Act 1956
2) Statutory registers under other applicable Acts and Rules & Regulations
3) Annual Returns under Companies Act
4) Returns & Forms under the Companies Act filed with the Registrar of Companies etc

D) Documents pertaining to Board Meeting & General Meetings

1) Agenda Papers of Board Meetings
2) Minutes Book of meetings of the Board of Directors
3) Agenda papers of Board Sub-Committees.
4) Minutes Book of meetings of Board Sub-Committees.
5) Minutes Book of General Meetings of the Shareholders etc.
6) Minutes of the board meetings and board resolutions are exempted from disclosure to the public.

E) Documents pertaining to HR Matters

1) Personnel Manual

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